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SHOWA90 Trailer

Mr. Kuribayashi, a 90 years old person was in Manchuria in his young days. After the WWII, he came to be one of the Japanese prisoners of war in the Soviet Union. He spent 4 years in Siberia and then came back to Japan. 

After he came back, he has been struggling to keep his life. Finally, he established a War Museum at his living place Nasu, which is perfectly a private establishment. And has been holding music concerts in which old Japanese imperial army and navy members play. 

He is also famous with the activity to troop in Yasukuni-jinjya(shrine) on 15th, August every year in military uniform. 

'SHOWA' is Japanese original era name. Showa era started in 1926. Mr. Kuribayashi has been living his life with Showa period.

Title: SHOWA90
Specifications: 16:9, Color, Full HD(2K), 24p, 2ch stereo
Production date: May 5th, 2016(Japanese version)
Total time: 82min
Distribution format: DCP, BD
Release date:  
Software release: October 20th, 2019