How to use


11mm from the object


Due to the large 5x magnification feature offered by NANOHA macro lens, your focusing point must be close to 11mm away from your lens. NANOHA is a little different from ordinary macro lens. It cannot focus to the infinity.



The maginfication factor can be modified from 5x through 4x by using the focusing ring, Adjusting the focus ring for 4x will retract the lens about 8mm toward the focal plane, one must reposition the camera to maintain 11mm distance from the object. Identical magnification for various objects will remain constant as long as the focus ring and 11mm distance remain the same.


Lighting unit


NANOHA has a lighting unit(included in the kit). The power supply is from USB connectors. You can use PC or USB battery unit for it.



You can light up the close target with this lighting unit easily and it is effective to avoid the motion blur.


Target holder


In ultra macro shooting, it is very important to avoid motion blur. NANOHA has a small target holding adaptor named "target holder". You can attach small targets easily to the lens with this target holder.