We provide optical equipments


Circle fisheye lens "MADOKA" for FUJI-X and SONY-E mount    
Click for VR panorama picture by MADOKA
    Visit MADOKA page for more details.  
Ultra macro lens "NANOHA" for micro 4/3 and SONY E mount    
    Visit NANOHA page for more details.    
NANOHA introduction movie by Jean-Baptiste Lefournier
Macro extension tube "NANOHA TUBE" for micro 4/3 and SONY E mount    
You can focus closer by using NANOHA TUBE

Visit NANOHA TUBE page for more details.

Soft focus lens "MOMO" for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras    
    For more informations, please visit MOMO page.    

Coming soon(maybe)

Picture: Prototype(for Micro 4/3)

MOMO introduction movie (Please watch in HD)


YASUHARA dealers in the world
    If you cannot find YASUHARA dealers in your area, We will ship our products directly from Tokyo, Japan. Please send your inquiry to "himeji@yasuhara.co.jp".