YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. was established in 1998. The founder Shin Yasuhara was once a camera engineer in Kyocera(YASHICA/CONTAX) corporation. After he designed some CONTAX brand SLRs, he tried to produce cameras based on his original concept. YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. had produced 2 camera models, T981(ICHISHIKI) and T012(AKIZUKI). YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. is known as the newest camera maker in the history of film cameras. It means the history had gone with the beginning of 21st century.


    L-mount rangefinder camera T981-ICHISHIKI(1999)  
T981 manual(Click for PDF download)


    Rangefinder compact camera T012-AKIZUKI(2003)  
T012 manual(Click for PDF download)



Innovation continues

YASUHARA Co.,Ltd. had restarted to produce original optical equipments on 2011. Now we are in the digital-camera field. Developing unique, innovative products for experiencing the joy of the photography is the mission for YASUHARA Co.,Ltd.